TibetNomads The Chang Tang plateau, at an average height of 15,000 feet, gives birth to many of Asia's mightiest rivers.

Plateau and Map

"They strike me as truly enlightened people, very appreciative and grateful. The Tibetans have based their lives on interdependency and cooperation--things we in the West could use a little more of!"  --Christopher James Thomas, composer of The Greatest Places soundtrack

"'Chang Tang' means 'Lonely Place' in Tibetan, and it is definitely that: Barren, but beautiful."  --Mal Wolf, director of The Greatest Places

Tibetan Monks are traveling the world making sand paintings called mandalas. What do mandalas have to do with geography and places?
Sand mandalaSand mandala Where do the nomads go?

Watch a video of nomads.  

are greatest places for some Tibetans.
What DON'T Tibetans do with yaks?

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Sorrow Mountain: The journey of a Tibetan warrior nun, by Ani Pachen and Adelaide Donnelly.

Read Dr. Keen's notes on Tibet.
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How far away are you from the Tibet location pictured here?

StarTribuneRead about Tibetans in the Twin Cities.

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