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Plateaus, flat elevated areas of land, are common landform features found on all continents and many islands.

Tibet has two plateaus: One high and one low.  Animals found on the grasslands (lower plateau) include antelope, gazelles, kiangs, wild oxen, horses, blue sheep, and ibex, while the high plateau has the marmot (snow pig), and the aweto (an insect used for medicinal purposes).

Madagascar has a plateau region in the center of the island. Did you know that the Ozarks in Arkansas (USA) is also classified as a plateau region?


The altiplano in South America is a plateau in the Andes mountains. Learn more about the region, its history and people from Bruce Stahlberg who works in La Paz, Bolivia.
The Colorado Plateau in SW Colorado, NW New Mexico, S Utah and N Arizona shares a kinship to the Tibetan Plateau and even hosted a conference about the Tibetan Plateau in Flagstaff, Arizona.

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The Roof of the Earth, as the Tibetan Plateau is often called, is an important geologic study ground.

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