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Explore the places:
Featuring the seven locations in the film.

Large-format film reel

About the film:. The who, what and where.



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Try activities:
Do something simple to understand something complex.

globe.gif (3493 bytes) Understand systems: Global information related to the seven places in the film.


Add your place Add your greatest place:.
Tell everybody about YOUR favorite place!

Question of the Week Question of the Week:
Dr. Cecil Keen's
weekly geography question.


Water is More Precious than Gold
A travel journal of Namibia. Text and photos by Karen Thimmesch

fauna.gif (2806 bytes) Jump into the wild:
From Amazonian macaws to Tibetan yaks, get to know the animals of the Greatest Places.


The Ovambo Slide show

The Ovambo Chapter:
Read along with Katie Knight:
"My memories of northern Namibia and becoming friends with Meme Ndeshihafela In July of 1995."

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