The world's fourth largest island is currently home to a rich diversity of wildlife, including lemurs, chameleons, spiny globefish, and up to 10,000 species of flora, 80 percent of which are found nowhere else on Earth!

Lemur calling

Weird and Wild!
Listen to the lemur call.

Where is Madagascar?

Madagascar Map
Jump into the forest and find out about lemurs . Ringtail Lemur  
Chameleon Watch a chameleon catch some live food!
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Play the Madagascar solitaire game!

Read Dr. Keen's notes
on Madagascar.
Baubob Tree

Why is the Baobab the national symbol?


Postcard Send a Madagasacar postcard! Hissing cockroach

Ever heard of a giant hissing cockroach?

What do you think is inside this giant egg?
Giant eggGiant egg  
The Little Prince The Baobab is an important part of the book "The Little Prince."
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PBS Madagascar

PBS' The Living Edens has a great Madagascar site.

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FIND and ADD local connections to Madagascar.

arial shot  

Is flying the only way to get here?

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