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monestary.jpg (16845 bytes) Monastaries are some of  the "greatest places" for many religious Tibetans who will travel months on foot to visit monasteries in remote locations.  Did you know some monks (and many lay people) will  actually take a few steps, stop, lie flat on the ground in reverence, then get up and repeat the process for the entire pilgrimage?
The Namgyal Monastary is the private monastery of His Holiness the Dalai Lama. After fleeing Tibet in 1959 Namgyal Monastery was re-established just outside the residence of His Holiness in Dharamsala, India, where the Namgyal artistic and intellectual traditions are being preserved and continued today. Learn more about the monastary and the Institute of Buddhist Studies at its web site.

Thangkas are giant silk appliques used for public display and worship. These often huge banners comprise some of Tibet's greatest art treasures because of their spiritual significance, size and intricate design. Some survived the cultural revolution - most did not. The giant banners of Tsurphu monastery in central Tibet - traditional seat of the Karmapas - were both destroyed during this time. Coinciding with a major restoration and rebuilding effort presently underway at Tsurphu a new thangka, completed in the spring of 1994, was made to replace the previous 17th century applique.Read more about Thangkas and the Tsurphu Monastary at the Asian Arts web site.

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