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As soon as I started showing people my photographs of mirages, I realized that still photos weren't a great way to illustrate mirages. After all, if you don't see the puddle magically evaporate as you approach or see cars drive through it without getting wet, there's no reason to believe that the puddle is a mirage and not just a real puddle.

I have lots of video footage of mirages, but it is hard to show people videos unless you're by a television. So I started making flipbooks: they're portable, they don't require any special equipment to view, and they give you a much better idea of what a mirage really looks like than a still photograph.



This is what your flipbook will look like!

Here are two versions of a flipbook that you can make.

The first is a web page. If you have a printer (laser or ink jet) you can go to this page and just press the printer button on your browser. It works best in color and if you have heavier paper it flips better. But don't let that stop you! Experiment! Try it with different papers, make a couple of prints and combine the pages. You can also try black and white printers.

The other way we've made this available is as an Adobe PDF file. To use this file you need Acrobat Reader (you can download this at and you will have to download the file to open it. Click to download the flipbook.pdf and then open it with the Acrobat Reader.

This may seem like a long process but it is worth it for your very own flipbook!


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