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Minnehaha Falls

From: Richard

Is it the same type of place as one of the 7 Greatest Places?
Yes! It's a Waterfall.

About this Greatest Place:
In the winter of 1954 I left the bridge at the base of the falls and walked beneath ice hanging from the rock overcap. It was about a 50 foot horseshoe-shaped tunnel through which light would glow from the outside. The walking was a bit hazardous, but I was young and knew it held no danger for me. At the base of the Falls was a shallow pool where the water was free of ice and someone had been spearing carp and left them to die. In the 60's I returned to the same bridge but now signs warned not to leave the walkways and I could already see that it wasn't destined to live up to my memories. Now the year is 1999 and this old boy hasn't been north of the Mason-Dixon since 1972. I wonder if water still flows under that bridge.

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