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Wadi Watir in the Sinai Desert

From: Terri

Is it the same type of place as one of the 7 Greatest Places?
Yes! It's a Desert.

About this Greatest Place:
The Sinai is a mountanous desert, and the Bedouin travel through, along, and over the ridges between the mountains. The sun is not up for very long in any wadi, because of the mountains, and it is important not to camp on the soft sand in the center of a wadi, because each one may drain as much as 100 square miles of desert, and even with no clouds visible, a wall of water can barrel down teh wadi at any moment! travel on camels with the nomads. The view of the stars is unimaginable. 100+ miles from the nearest electric light bulb, the sky takes on an entirely new appearance. It doesn't take more than2 minutes between shooting stars, and even with no moon, the light is bright enough to walk around.

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