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Maui, Hawaii

From: Brenna

Is it the same type of place as one of the 7 Greatest Places?
Yes! It's an Island.

About this Greatest Place:
It has Beaches, Rainforests, Volcanoes (dormant),Ocean and great activities to do. Whale watch, parasail, shop, bike ride down Haleakala, Watch the sun rise, visit the beach, go to a luau, go for a helicopter ride, Drive through Hana, visit the seven pools, and much much More! It has the largest dormant volcanic crater in the world (Haleakala measuring 20 miles around and 3,000 feet deep. It also has blacksand beaches formed by the breaking down of volcanic ash. Plus some really beautiful beaches and landscape.
Longitude:156’22’30 W
Latitude:20’34’55 N

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