My Greatest Place

Cozemel, Mexico

From: Erika

Is it the same type of place as one of the 7 Greatest Places?
Yes! It's an Island.

About this Greatest Place:
Cozemel is a beautiful island just off the coast of Cancun, Mexico. It has a lot of marine and animal life. Lizards are so common that it's like squirrels are to Ohio. There is only one main road that goes around the whole island and you can go 90 mph and not get pulled over!!! You can shop at any of the stores in downtown Cozemel or if you want to get wet then you can go snorkeling or even scuba diving! At night, you can settle down in a carriage that will take you back to your hotel after a delicious meal from some of the best restaurants!
Longitude:93 W
Latitude:20 N

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