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Cavak- in Venezuela close to angle falls

From: Joella

Is it the same type of place as one of the 7 Greatest Places?
Yes! It's a Waterfall.

About this Greatest Place:
Cavak -It is a heaven in the midst of a country full of problems. you are surrounded by mountains and "Tepuy" as you swim between them only to arrive at a site that is as breathtaking and rare as a Picasso,It almost seems like seeing Monet's greatest masterpiece come to life and it is as as peacefull as a child's sweetest dream. this magnificent site is a waterfall. You seem to hear music, but it is not man but nature singing, and it is a sweet lullaby that fills you with inner peace. This place - Cavak - is simply magnificent, and it's beauty and wonder are simply unexplainable

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