Sunday, October 15, 1997
Los Angeles, CA
Early afternoon

Tim spent so many weekends driving around Los Angeles looking for mirages with me that he became pretty good at finding mirages, too. And he spotted them places I would never have thought to look. Here's Tim's report on a wall mirage he saw in our neighborhood:

Here's Tim's sketch of what the wall mirage looked like.

"I was out taking photographs one afternoon. It was a really beautiful, Los Angeles day: really bright, but nice and cool. I was walking along Melrose, a trendy shopping street, and as I passed a big building that was painted all black (it must have been the ugliest building on the block), I saw something I wanted to take a picture of. While taking the photo, I leaned against the building. It was very warm to the touch. When I put my head right next to the building, I could see a very narrow, wavering mirage right along the edge of the building. If I moved my head just a few inches, it disappeared."

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