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Latest Namibia News
A website straight from the government Republic of Namibia that is updated often.

Namibia Drought Strains Power Supplies
A 1997 article from a Johannesburg news source and the Electronic Mail & Guardian about the latest drought.

New Hope in the Minefields
From the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, an article by Philip Morrison and Kosta Tsipis about new ways to speed the removal of the millions of buried land mines that continue to kill and maim civilians in more than 60 countries, including Namibia.


Elephant Communication
Read and hear about Katy Payne's findings and research questions on elephants' ability to perceive infrasonic waves.
Agriculture in Namibia
From the National Plant Genetic Resources Centre in Windhoek, Namibia, an on-line report on all things pertaining to cultivating plants in Namibia.

Read about one of the World's most arrid countries at this page from Adventure Travel Desk.
Made in Hong Kong Page on Namibia
A basic information site including maps, history, and other reference material.

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