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Although deserts are thought of as hot and dry places with stillness and silence in the air, BEWARE: When the winds blow they can create blinding clouds of dust that sometimes move huge sand dunes (and also the borders of countries like Saudi Arabia, Oman and Yemen), producing havoc in every sense of the word. For more information on how the wind forms sand dunes see Professor Nelson's Physical Geology class notes.

The wind can also create "singing" sand.

Deserts are one of the world's most misunderstood biomes. Learn more about why at this site built by students at Lakeside High School in Seattle, WA

Learn more about types of deserts, what animals and plants live in deserts and the other deserts around the world at the Evergreen Project's desert pages.
Desert USA's site is an Internet Magazine about deserts and in particular North American deserts.

Desert (as in sand) is often misspelled as dessert (as in ice cream).We encountered many misspellings in our search for links between sites.

Can you think of a connection between the Namib and Greenland? You could call both a desert because they're both desolate, forbidding, wild, largely uninhabited and uncultivated. s

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