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Any sudden drop of water from a higher level to a lower level is called a waterfall.

If it is a large waterfall, it's called a cataract.

Iguazu Falls is a cataract with cascades. SOME OTHERS ARE:

  • Niagara Falls
  • Victoria Falls (on the Zambezi River in Africa)


If it is a small waterfall, or a series of small waterfalls over steep rocks, it's more likely to be called a cascade.


  • St. Anthony Falls on the Mississippi in Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • Yosemite Falls in California the tallest falls in North America (2,425 feet)
  • The Krimml in Austria

Angel Falls in Venezuela is the world's tallest uninterrupted water fall dropping 979 meters (3212 feet)

Explore some of the world's other Waterfalls:

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Thunder Alley: a resource to the history and activities of Niagara Falls.

Victoria Falls - Information about the world's largest sheet of falling water brought to you by AfricaOnline.

Learn about the Lost Waterfall discoverd in a remote Tibetan Gorge from this National Geographic press release.

Waterfalls and people:
Helen Keller at Niagara Falls.

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