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Some etymologists think the word river comes from the Greek ereipein, to tear down. Visit our page on erosion .
The Amazon River can be seen to change color along its length, with black and white waters sometimes flowing distinctly side by side until they merge many kilometers downstream. Four colors are recognized: white water flows from the mountains in the west from melting snow and ice; black water flows from the North Rio Negro and is darkened by vegetation; blue water flows from the south, filtered by the white sand of the central Brazilian highlands; and brown water of the Amazon mainstream is colored by suspended, eroded sediment.

Discover how Rivers & Streams are formed.

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River Resource
is a place where students can explore valuable river resources.

Learn about the history and more of the Mississippi River Region. The Mississippi River Towns Collaborative Internet Project the endeavor of 14 schools located along the Mississippi River from Sauk Rapids, MN to Baton Rouge, LA.
Check out the Salt Lake County Library's Rivers of the World links. This site has a great section devoted to kids.

The Nile is the world's longest river. In Running the Nile you can read about a team of Kayakers who attempted a first ever descent of the Victoria Nile in Uganda. This Adventure Online adventure learning experience is brought to you by Learning Outfitters a for profit provider of Internet-based curriculum.

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