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Saving the River Dolphins
The Voyage Publishing article features researchers hoping to prevent habitat destruction of the dolphins living in the Amazon.
rain forest Alliance
This nonprofit environmental organization provides a great resource on-up-to-the-minute issues about the rain forests and the environment. It also has a Kids Zone!
Amazon Rivers Program
A branch of the rain forest Alliance, this website works to promote the conservation of wildlife in the Amazon River Basin, and includes Amazon resources and features.

Yes, you've been wondering
why Macaws eat clay .
Here is an explanation of Macaws' behavior brought to you by Rainforest Expeditions a Peruvian for-profit ecotourism company.

An essay on saving the Amazonian rain forest , this piece was written by a student at Horace Mann Junior High School, Charleston, West Virginia.

Amazon Interactive!
Explore the geography of the Ecuadorian Amazon through on-line games and activities. Learn about the rain forest and the Quichua people who call it home. Discover the ways in which the Quichua live off the land. Then try your hand at running a community-based ecotourism project along the R�o Napo.

Amazon Life
A web site designed and built by a team of High School and College students about life in the Amazon.

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