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Youth Science Center Class Projects
Isaiah's Game

Isaiah's Game

First read about each of the seven "greatest places". then navigate your boat from continent to continent, answering questions at each stop to gather points.

Emma's Amazon Game

Help an Amazon tribe find
it's missing gemstones by
answering questions about
the flora and fauna of the Amazon.


Emma's Game
Joel's Game

Joel's Madagascar Trivia

In true Jeopardy style, read up about Madagascar then pick question squares to increase your score.

Jennifer's Tibet

Multiple choice questions about
Tibet's weather, animals and more.

Jennifer's Tibet Game
Dan's Amazon Game

Dan's Amazon Game

An odd twist on forest conservation- drive your tractor around the Amazon, knocking over trees to answer questions.

Paul's Madagascar Maze
Fly your bee around, to learn about the flora and fauna of Madagascar.
Link to Paul's Game
thao's Game

Thao's Race To Live In the Namib

It's a race to the finish line: answer questions correctly to step on the gas.

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