Sports and Games

Description of WMEP Culture Box items Prepared by the students of the WMEP Greatest Places project.


SPORTS AND GAMES BASEBALL CARDS Baseball cards have been around for many years. Collecting or trading them is a hobby for many people. In the future some cards may be worth a lot of money. You can buy them in stores, shops, and even at trading shows. We have a lot of hobbies in our country. Today in the US, sports are a big part of our society and many people enjoy playing them.
CONSTRUX These are blocks that can be used to construct toys and model buildings. Instructions are included in the bag.
DECK OF CARDS These are a regular deck of playing cards. Some games we play are “go fish,” “hearts,” “gin,” and “cribbage.” You can buy them just about anywhere. Kids and adults play card games. Some people play for fun and some people play for money. Cards are very fun to play with.
HOCKEY PUCK This hockey puck represents the importance of winter sports in Minnesota. Minnesota has long been acknowledged as one of the leading high school hockey states in the nation. Youth hockey programs can be found in both urban and rural communities throughout Minnesota.
SIMPLE OBJECT BINGO This is an example of games we use, both as a learning tool and a fun activity.
TIP UP FISHING POLE This item is very unusual even for us in Minnesota. During the winter the weather is very cold. The lakes freeze and the ice is 15-20 inches thick. People who like to fish in the winter will drill a hole in the ice to catch fish. This item is used to fish over a hole in the ice. (Sometimes they even build a small house to keep warm while they fish.)
VIKINGS FOOTBALL The Vikings represent the state of Minnesota professional football team. Football is a full contact sport. In the game of football you try to get the ball behind your goal line by running with the ball or passing it to another player. The other players tackle the player with the ball to stop him. Men and boys play football professionally and in their schools. Some girls play football for fun. We sent this football because most people in America play or watch football. In special games players pour water or Gatorade on the coaches to say thank you in another way.