Time and Seasonal Changes

Description of WMEP Culture Box items Prepared by the students of the WMEP Greatest Places project.


TIME AND SEASONAL CHANGES MINNESOTA WEATHERGUIDE CALENDAR This calendar shows the seasonal changes that we experience during the year in Minnesota.
WRISTWATCH WITH “SNOW” INSIDE SET AT MINNESOTA TIME. We are sending this wristwatch for several reasons. First, it shows falling snow, which we get a lot of in winter, and a snowman, which we make by rolling the snow into balls and stacking them as tall as a man. We add rocks, twigs and a hat to complete our “man” of snow. Children love to put on warm clothes, mittens, boots and a hat to go outside to play in the snow. Playing in the snow is a big part of our Minnesota culture. The second reason is to represent the American emphasis on time and to represent the seasonal changes in Minnesota. America seems to be racing into the twenty first century. Many Americans feel that we need to slow down and reassess where we are heading. Here in Minnesota our lives are governed by the changing of the seasons. Our time clock is regulated by the panoramic view of Mother Nature’s ever changing face. Deep in our awareness is the concept of birth and rebirth, and the regeneration of life.