Printed Materials

Description of WMEP Culture Box items Prepared by the students of the WMEP Greatest Places project.


ANTLER, BEAR, CANOE A NORTHWOODS ALPHABET YEAR by Betsy Bowen This ABC book shows the seasonal changes as well as items used in Minnesota to fish, hunt, get around or just relax.
HOLY Bible A Bible is used to study the word of God in many of the religions in the United States. The most common religions in our area are Christian. The Bible can be found in homes, churches, hotels, schools, and many other places. We chose this item to show how religion and faith is important to many people.
EXPLORE MINNESOTA FISHING This booklet explains the importance of fishing to a state with over 10,000 lakes. Minnesota is also the source of the mighty Mississippi River which runs to the Gulf of Mexico. There are strict rules that fishermen need to follow in order to maintain enough fish in all our lakes. There are also a lot of fishing stories.
GOOSEBUMPS by R. L. Stine Goosebumps is a very popular set of books among young people across the United States right now. They are books that have scary stories and do not really reflect our culture, but many students enjoy reading them.
J-CREW CLOTHING CATALOG The J-Crew catalog shows examples of how some people in our culture dress. It gives a more wild image than how most people really do dress. It also gives prices of clothing in dollars.
JET MAGAZINE This is a magazine about African Americans called Jet Magazine. We sent this to you so you can see what African Americans are like in the US. The people on the cover of this issue are television stars. They are in a show called "Martin." Martin is a show about this guy who makes people laugh. You can read this and see different African Americans. This magazine comes out weekly. We hope you enjoy this magazine.
by Jack Pearson This children’s book is written by a Minnesota author and storyteller, Jack Pearson. It is about a wilderness area in our state called Boundary Waters Canoe Area which we share with our neighbor to the north, Canada.
SOCIAL STUDIES TEXT BOOK This book helps to illustrate the American way of life. The focus of this text is the history of the exploration and development of America. Our democratic way of life is examined in terms of the people and events that shaped it. Our country is formed by people and cultures from all around the globe which has resulted in a unique and diverse national character. The character of the American people has also been shaped and molded by our history and institutions. (L.C. Webster students are concerned that they are understood as a people. They hope the text will help explain who they are.)
NEWSPAPER The newspaper includes important information about our culture. It describes cultural events, entertainment, housing costs, grocery items, opinions to the editor, comics and the television guide.
YEARBOOK This is a yearbook. We have highlighted our pictures in it. Each year we take our pictures so that we can have a yearbook. We have a contest to see who could draw the best yearbook cover. Then we put the whole yearbook together. All of us at Pillsbury School room 204 and 203 hope you enjoy our yearbook from last year. (Later in life you can look back at your book and remember who your teacher was and what class room you were in.)