Other Objects

Description of WMEP Culture Box items Prepared by the students of the WMEP Greatest Places project.


BUS TRANSFER This item is used to get transportation. You will need this item when you get on a city bus. Before you get a bus transfer you must put one American dollar in a money box. Then this ticket allows you to transfer from bus to bus to get to your destination. This helps you see how some people travel around the city.
HOUSE PICTURE This shows the homes many of us live in. It shows a yard and neighboring homes.
HUMAN RIGHTS Everybody has rights. There are 42 rights that kids have. Americans fought for these rights in the revolutionary war against England for freedom. Adults also have rights of their own. Some rights are for peace or justice. Some rights could lead you through being kidnapped or in danger. Why are human rights important? Because that's what you have to live through in everyday life. Some childrenÕs rights include: you have a right to privacy and you have a right to a good name. Human rights are very important. They symbolize what we as humans can do legally.
ICE SCRAPER This item is used during the winter to scrape ice off the windshields of our cars.
JEANS We wear jeans because our winters are very cold. We sent jeans to show you that our jeans are different than yours. There are many kinds of jeans. Some are: Levis, Lee, Chic, Arizona, Guess, Wrangler, Bugle Boy, Greatland and more. There are a lot of different sizes of jeans too. Jeans were an American invention. They were invented in the 1800's by a man named Levi Strauss. A long time ago clothes got torn, so Levi Strauss invented some pants made of a material called denim, and dyed them with indigo, which is a dark blue. Denim is a much thicker, sturdier material that won't rip easily. Since then, jeans have been identified as American clothing.
JET DRY SPARKLE Jet Dry Sparkle is a liquid rinse for automatic dishwashers. A dishwasher is a machine that helps us clean the dishes we eat on. Not only does it clean our dishes, but it saves us the time of washing them by hand. This is the soap that you must put in the dishwasher before you turn it on. Today, most homes in the United States have dishwashers.
MONEY SAMPLES This is our money, which is used to buy things in the United States. People go to work to make this so they can survive by buying food, clothing, and necessities. It will be found in banks, wallets, store cash registers, and anywhere people are. We chose this so you can see an example of our currency.
PENNY: This is our lowest form of money. It is one hundredth of a dollar. The one cent piece is made out of copper. You can't buy anything with a penny. Nickel: The nickel is worth one twentieth of a dollar. It is made of nickel and tin. You could buy a small piece of candy with it. Dime: The dime is worth twice as much as a nickel. It is made out of copper, tin and nickel. You could buy 2 pieces of candy with it. Quarter: This is worth 25 pennies. It is made of the same things as a dime. You could make a phone call with it. Half dollar: The half dollar is the same as 2 quarters. Half dollars are made of the same thing a dime is made of. Silver dollar: The silver dollar is a coin made of silver and is the same as 2 half dollars or 1 dollar bill. You could buy a candy bar with it. Dollar: The dollar is worth 100 pennies. It is made of special kinds of paper that turns colors with special markers. You can buy everything above with a dollar.
PRESENT This wrapped present represents the charitable and generous spirit shown by people in Minnesota. Minnesota is home to large populations of second generation immigrants. Rich in our heritage and tradition is a fierce independence coupled with a generosity of spirit. Minnesotans give money to support the arts as well as provide for needy citizens. The work ethic of our people is second to none. Minnesotans are a deservedly proud people.
TELEPHONE This telephone is included to show how much we depend on the telephone for communication between friends and for business use.