Minnesota Industry

Description of WMEP Culture Box items Prepared by the students of the WMEP Greatest Places project.


KEMPS DAIRY MILK CARTON The milk carton represents dairy farming, a major industry in Minnesota. Milk is our official state drink. Minnesota produces 9.7 billion pounds of milk per year and ranks fifth in dairy production among the United States. (1 kg equals 2.2 pounds).
POST-IT NOTE PADS AND TRANSPARENT TAPE Post-it note pads and transparent tape are made by 3M “Minnesota, Mining and Manufacturing” These note pads and tape represent Minnesota’s technology businesses such as 3M, IBM, and Honeywell. They are used in offices all over the world, by the same Minnesota company that manufactures Scotch video and audio tapes, Scotch Guard (stain protection), and abrasives. Minnesota is a world recognized leader in the development and production of computers, machinery and agricultural products.
ULTRA-FINE NEEDLE WRAPPER FOR INSULIN SYRINGE This wrapper represents the medical care as well as inventions that are the result of medical research conducted in Minnesota. Minnesota is the home of some of the finest medical treatment and research centers in the world. We are the home of the world famous Mayo Clinic, the Hazelden Treatment Center and the University of Minnesota (which has pioneered organ transplant procedures.)