Solitaire from Madagascar

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Sand Clay



  1. Mix the sand and cornstarch thoroughly in the top of the double boiler.
  2. Pour in the boling water and mix well (but carefully - its hot!)
  3. cook in the double boiler briefly until the mixture has thickened. Should it be too thick, add a little boiling water.
  4. Wait a moment for cooling and the clay is ready for modeling.
  5. Take out the clay and flatten it gently with your hands (imagine you are making a thick pizza) - you can even use a rolling pin.
  6. Using some tool the size of your playing stones, copy the board grid and the groove around the board by pressing into the clay.
  7. When the board is finished put it on a flat pan or cookie sheet in a 275 F (132.2 C) oven until dry. It can be dried without the oven but it will take longer.

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